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Spiritual Mentoring

Sometimes more challenging times bring us more fully into confronting questions of meaning and purpose. Why are we here? What do we really need?

Especially through the recent pandemic, many people are asking more deeply what life means to them and how to connect to their deeper selves and purpose here.

Practices like meditation/mindfulness, connecting with intuition and inner resources, and compassion for self and others feel more essential at those times for transforming and supporting how we live in and see our own lives.

Spiritual Mentoring is an opportunity to do that together in a safe space that also includes my therapeutic support, as you develop and practice tools for deepening a felt presence of Self and personal meaning. The approach is designed to be open to all spiritual paths, tailored to guiding you to find, expand and explore your own touchstones for healing. 

If this is of interest to you, please contact me and we'll have a thoughtful conversation about what you need, where you are on your journey, and how best to serve you.

Anna Stookey, MA, MFT, CHt. (323) 993 6085

Creative Counseling For the Body, Mind & Spirit

ONLINE & Hancock Park/Larchmont adj., between Crenshaw and Rossmore

4221 Wilshire Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90010

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