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Bodymind Counseling:

A unique approach to counseling for people who feel disconnected from their bodies, are in recovery from an illness or eating disorder, or who are currently moving through a health crisis. $100-225 sliding scale. Call or fill out the 'contact me' form to schedule a free initial consultation or appointment.

In addition to traditional counseling methods, other tools such as guided imagery/hypnotherapy, EMDR and the Body Reunion/Truce Process may be employed during bodymind counseling to help clients gain a greater sense of health and empowerment. See descriptions below:

Guided Imagery/Hypnotherapy is a useful tool for imagining and creating relaxation, improved health and for exploring any issue or struggle more deeply.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a unique bodymind technique found to be effective in the treatment of trauma, PTSD and mental and emotional blocks.

The Truce Process reconnects clients to their bodies following illness, trauma or weight issues through a five-step peace-making relationship model. The Truce Process asks clients to explore how they currently relate to their bodies and helps them create a new, more ideal relationship as they move into the future.

The Body Reunion/Truce Process

  The Truce Process is a unique bodymind approach I developed in working with clients with illness and weight issues. It has helped many clients to find greater peace and ease, ending the war with their bodies once and for all.

The Truce Process asks you to:

1)Think of your body as a living, breathing thing you are in relationship with rather than an object to be controlled.


2)Explore what that relationship feels like now and what you would most like it to feel like in the future.

3)Use relationship tools I've developed to improve communication, get in touch with your feelings, and repair any disconnection or disappointment in your body so that you can find peace inside.

4) Step forward into the relationship you most want with your body, with tools to communicate and navigate through present and future health and body issues.

The Truce Process is one of the tools I use in my bodymind counseling and teleclasses and is the subject of a forthcoming book, The Truce: The 5-Step Program To Take Back Your Body and Transform Your Life.

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""Ms. Stookey's approach to the body/mind relationship is a revelation. She presents a whole new way of thinking about health and body awareness, which puts the power to change literally right in your own lap."

--SB, Los Angeles

Anna Stookey, MA, MFT, CHt. (323) 993 6085

Creative Counseling For the Body, Mind & Spirit

ONLINE & Hancock Park/Larchmont adj., between Crenshaw and Rossmore)

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